PHC48001 1/48 Canberra B.20 Bomber Canopy and Nose cone

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
Approx $7.50 AUD
Contents and Media:
1 x main canopy and 1 x nose cone
Replaces the incorrect Airfix canopy
Nose cone possibly incorrect
Highly Recommended



When Airfix released the 1.48 Canberra in it's various guises I was a happy man as there was now a finally a mainstream kit available of an important aircraft. Whilst there were vacform kits available from Falcon and Aeroclub as well as an injection moulded kit from Classic Airframes, they all came with construction problems relating to their method of manufacture. The Airfix kit was hopefully going to fix that issue.

Unfortunately when the Airfix kit was available it was found to have many problems with accuracy including an incorrect canopy for the type in the box. The two main problems with the canopy were the overall shape of it and that it had two clear view windows on the lower edge of it where for the B.2/20 there should have been only one. Thankfully Pete's Hangar has now come out with a replacement for the incorrect kit component.

The set

The set comprises two vacform components, one for the main canopy and one for the nose cone. The main canopy includes the following modifications:

  • more rounded on the top;
  • includes the missing panel line on the leading edge; and
  • only one clear view window on the front of the canopy.

The main canopy definitely catches the bulbous look much better than the original kit part. The downside is that due to it being vacform it will require careful trimming from the plastic prior to attaching it. This is best done with a new blade and allow a bit of extra plastic around the edge so it can be test fitted with the fuselage to get a good/correct fit. It does not quite capture the clear view window correctly as it is a bit 'soft' but that is a downside of vacforming.


The nose cone is also a vast improvement on the kit part and should easily fit the kit when carefully trimmed from the backing sheet. The one possible problem with the nose cone is that I am unsure if it correctly catches the profile of the real component. When comparing it to the image of the Canberra at Mareeba in far north Queensland courtesy of a walk around on Grubby Fingers Aircraft Illustrations website, the flat part of the nose cone does not seem to point down enough. It may just be me or it may just be the angle of the image but it appears different, then again it may be a different version of the nose cone. But I shall leave it to you to make you own decision, which ever way the replacement is much better then the kit one.

The set comes in the handy bubble pack that gives it good protection from most damage and a sheet of tissue paper give the vacform components a bit of protection. There is also no real instruction sheet for this as there is not a great deal to say other than cut it out carefully with a sharp blade.


Despite my reservations about the overall shape of the nose cone I definitely think that this set is a vast improvement over the original and as such highly recommend it for those building the 1/48 Airfix Canberra to replace the poor kit components.

Review set courtesy of Pete's Hangar.

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