Pete's Hangar PHB48003 1/48 F/A-18F Brass Landing Gear
(for Hasegawa 1/48 FA-18F)

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
Approx $9.70 AUD
Contents and Media:
3 x brass components
Strength of the parts compared to plastic
None seen at this stage
Highly Recommended



With the purchase of the F-18F by the RAAF it was only time until the aftermarket parts became more available here in Australia. in this case it is good to see that a local manufacturer has come to the party and elected to manufacture some of the AM parts instead of them being imported from overseas.

The set

The set is a simple replacement of the kit components and the main point with these is their strength. Most kits don't realy need to have replacement undercarriages in metal but I have found that the main advantage is the joints at the wheels where most kits eventualy break are stronger.

This set provides a good replacement for the kit part and comparing it to the aircraft images HERE they don't look too bad. There is a small amount of clean up to be done but not to much and this should only take a short time. The set does not come with actuators and levers molded on or supplied as these tend to get bent or twisted and are very hard to straighten so the modeller must use the kit components.



A nice solid set of metal undercarriage produced locally with no obvious faults so I highly recommend this for those that love the grey aircraft.

Review set courtesy of Pete's Hangar.

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