1/72 C-130J Engine nacelle correction set for the Italeri kit

Review by David Harvey


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First Look




$19.80 AUD from OzMods

Contents and Media:

See below


Simple conversion


Intake mouths slightly too 'open'


Highly Recommended


The conversion

The conversion comes packed in a nice compact box that holds the following items:

  • A small instruction sheet that details converting the 1/72 Italeri short fuselage C-130J to a long fuselage;
  • 4 x resin engines;
  • 24 x resin propeller blades (more if you are lucky);
  • 4 x resin propeller spinners; and
  • 4 x resin vent doors.

The resin

The resin is a nicely cast grey colour in which I can't see any air bubbles but I beleive that the surface of the cstings could probably use a swipe with some wet and dry to smooth out the surface a fraction.

The engines - the engines are nicely cast with very fine panel lines. My only problem with the engines is that I believe the intakes are too 'open' compared to reference images I have. This is not overly noticeable but is there. There is a small casting plug on the rear of each engine that will probably need to be cut off or may be used to assist in the placement of the engine if trimmed up correctly.

The propeller blades - these are nicely swept to represent the originals and look good. These blades have a very fine line inscribed on them to represent the leading edge on the blades that is visible in photos of the original.

Propeller spinners - nicely cast and appear to have the right shape.

The vent intake doors - these are thin as you could probably cast and should look good on the nacelles.


The instructions

The instructions consist of a single colour A4 sheet with a reference image on one side and the detail images of the conversion of the Italeri kit to the long fuselage version. The actual engine conversion doesn't need much infromation as it is straight forward.



This is a nice little set from OzMods that should be easily used to convert the Italeri C130 to a J Model. The only drawback I can see is the intake mouths as they are a touch 'open' to me.

I highly recommend the set as an easy way of converting the engines over to the 'J' style. Unfortunately it doesn't cover the fuselage extension but who knows, one day we may see it come out as a conversion.

Review set courtesy of and available from OzMods Scale Models.