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OzMods OZCONV4817 1/48 Lockeed Hudson Tailplane (for Classic Airframes kit)

by David Harvey


Review Type

First Look




$19.80 AUD from OzMods

Contents and Media:

4 x resin components


Replaces incorrect kit tailplane


Elevator needs trimming


Highly Recommended



Brought out in 2001, the Classic Airframes Hudson was the first injection molded kit of the aircraft. Unfortunately the kit came with a number of errors that required fixing to make an 'accurate' Hudson. One of the more outstanding ones was the tailplane that was molded as if there were two seperate elevators instead of the one as per the real aircraft.

The set

This set comprises four gray resin components that comprise the one piece tail plane, single piece elevator and the two seperate rudders. The resin is nicely cast and i could find no bubbles but there were the odd casting blemishes that will be easily removed with fine wet and dry.

As can be seen from the image below right, the tailplane doesn't fit the fuselage properly and would require some plastic card and filler to fill in the 1 - 2 mm gap at the front.

The only real work needed on the resin in the review sample is the elevator as it is too wide and would need to be trimmed by several milimeters to fit the tailplane.


One important point to note with the Hudson tailplane, if you plan to drop it to look better you would need to do some cutting of the fuselage as the assembly under the elevator dropped with it when lowered.


This item is a nicely cast piece of resin that will correct one of the main visible problems with the Classic Airframes Hudsons. The small problems are only small and should be easily fixed. To that end I highly recommend this set to those lucky enough to have one of the Hudsons in the stash.

Review sample courtesy of my wallet and is available direct from the OzMods website.