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LO48234 PV-1 Ventura Props - Military style for Revell kit

Review by David Harvey


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First Look




$? AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

2 x props


A much better representation of the Ventura prop. Blades already on hubs.


Minor cleaning up


Highly Recommended



Brought out in 2012 the Revell PV-1 Ventura was very well received but it was soon discovered that, like most models, there were a few flaws with it. One of the more obvious ones was the rather undernourished propellors. This has now been rectified by Loon and several other companies.

The set

This is a simple replacement for the kit parts as the rear of the hub is a straight replacement for the kit component for joining it to the kit. The propellor itself is much larger and more representative of the correct military item featuring a wider and longer paddle blade. There is a small amount of clean up required but nothing too difficult. One advantage to this set is that the blades are attached to the hub so you don't require to muck around trying to ensure you set them at the right angle as some other propellor replacement sets have you do.




This item is an inexpensive update for the 1/48 Ventura that will easily fit on to the kit. I highly recommend the item for those that want easy, visible upgrades for their kit.

Reiew sample courtesy of my wallet from Red Roo Models.