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LO48203 1/48 Loon Models P-51B/C with Dorsal Fillet and Red Roo Models RAAF Decals


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$27.50 AUD from Red Roo

Contents and Media:

Loon Resin fuselage and rudder and Red Roo Decals 3 SQN RAAF Decals


Provides the complete fuselage with fin fillet


requires some clean up prior to use.


Highly Recommended


The P-51 B/C/MK III aircraft used by 3 SQN SQN had a combination of either a fin fillet or no fin fillet as this was either fitted at the factory or added by field modification kits when possible. The fin fillet was part of a package of modifications that were introduced following a series of horizontal tail plane failures during inadvertent snap rolls. The fillet added extra area that slowed movements in yaw thus reducing the forces applied to the tailplanes.

As part of the continual drive to assist modellers portray RAAF aircraft from the MTO and other areas Red Roo Models has teamed up with Loon Models to present this combination kit. The kit features the Loon Models P-51 B/C fuselage with fin fillet and decals covering three of the 3 SQN RAAF aircraft that featured the fin fillet. These decals from my understanding are not for sale separately and can only be purchased with this set.


The instructions for this resin fuselage are pretty simple, boiled down they are - wash the resin, clean up the resin and test fit the resin. Other than those few steps there is not much else required to replace the Tamiya kit fuselage with one featuring the fin fillet.

Resin components

The Loon set comes complete with the resin fuselage and rudder. The fuselage is essentially the Tamiya fuselage with the fin fillet installed whilst the rudder is supplied separately unlike the Tamiya kit. I have compared the ICM kit (Tamiya copy) fuselage to the resin one and they are identical in shape and design. The resin components require a small amount of cleanup, this includes the fuselage join surface to ensure minimal filler is used.



Red Roo has provided decals for the following aircraft in this package:

  • KH626, CV-Z, 3 SQN RAAF, Fano Italy late 1944;
  • KH593, CV-A, 3 SQN RAAF, Fano Italy December 1944; and
  • KH624, CV-Y, 3 SQN RAAF, Fano Italy January 1945.

Red Roo has supplied National Markings for one aircraft, CV codes, serial number and Data Block for each aircraft as well as one set of Southern Cross tail markings. Unfortunately if you wish to make more than one of these aircraft, like myself, you will need to source all markings other than the CV and serial numbers.

The Red Roo decals are up to the high standard I have come to expect from them and I can see no problems with the set.

The decal instructions provide a three view plan (left/right/top) of the markings and scheme of each aircraft with scrap view of the bottom of the wings. These provide more than enough information for the placement of the supplied markings. A complete colour guide is also provided that various colours used on each aircraft with the reference number where possible and a short explanation of the aircraft and any peculiarities for it.


One of the problems I see with the addition of the Loon fuselage is that to add the fin fillet is not beyond the capabilities of the vast majority of modellers. In saying that though there are a great number of modellers out there that don't want to modify a kit and are happy to use a product such as this resin fuselage

What really makes this worthwhile is the addition of a set of Red Roo Decals for three of the aircraft from 3 SQN that had the fillet.

I really have no problems with the recommendation of this set as it provides a complete package that can be combined with the Tamiya or ICM kit to produce a 3 SQN RAAF aircraft with relative ease. To that end I Highly Recommend this set.

Review set courtesy of my wallet and available from Red Roo Models.