1/48 F-105 Gun Bay / Refueling Probe set

Review by David Harvey

Review Type:
First Look
Contents and Media:
6 resin pieces
Fine detail on all parts
The resin has not been cast properly on the review set and is transparent in areas.
Limited recommendation


Once again this is a conversion set for one of my favourite aircraft, the F-105. This set covers the Gun Bay and refueling probe for the aircraft.

The conversion

This set comprises six pieces of cream coloured resin. It comprises:

  • Gun bay
  • Gun bay covers x 2
  • Refueling probe x 1
  • Refueling probe compartment
  • Cover for compartment.

The gun bay looks quite nice but i'm not sure of how accurate it is.You get the six barreled cannon and a bit of wiring and other plumbing. The refueling probe looks well cast whilst the compartment for it is just a plain rectangular box. To get it the same as the box top you will need to drill the bolt holes along the edges, same for the gun compartment.

The remaining parts seem are where these updates fall down. The covers for the gun bay are too thinly cast and are see through. Whilst the holes don't go all the way through they are close. The parts are also warped but this should be easily fixed with hot water.

The complete set
The gun bay


The set gives a small amount of detail to a large model. This set is recommended due to the relatively cheap price and what should be an easy installation in to the kit. The only drawbacks are the thinness of the panels and the warping of the same.

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