Legend LA4814 F-105D Cockpit set (for Monogram kit)

Review by David Harvey

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Contents and Media:
18 resin pieces and 1 colour instruction sheet
Fine detail on all parts
The resin has not been cast properly on the review set and is transaprent in areas.
Limited recommendation


As one of my favourite aircraft the Monogram 1/48th kit, whilst old, is still very good. Unfortunately the cockpit and other areas can always do with an bit of updating as they are quite basic.

The kit

The update comprises 18 cream resin parts that make up the cockpit for the single seat aircraft and a small colour sheet that gives you an idea on how to assemble the seat. Whilst the parts are nicely detailed unfortunately the casting on a number of them is not the best. The problem is that the parts have been cast very thinly, unfortunately some of them have been cast so thin that they are transparent. In the case of the area under the front canopy there is a hole where the resin did not cast properly. The side wall details and the edges of the ejection seat are also very thin. The set comprises:

  • Cockpit tub
  • Ejection seat
  • Control column
  • Side walls x 2
  • Cockpit coaming
  • Assorted bits to complete the ejection seat

The instructions are not realy effective as they are a mix of the box top and a colour sheet that shows you how to put the ejection seat together. Whilst the set isn't complex it would have been good to a bit more of a detailed set of instructions. A good example is that there is a radio looking item in the resin parts but I can find no reference to it at all in the 'instructions'.



I give this a limited recommendation due to the poor casting of some items. If this is a 'one off' then all is good in the world. If it wasn't for the poor/thin casting the set would have rated much better.

This set courtesy of my wallet but is available from South East Hobbies.

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