PE 72004

1/72 AIMS Dornier DO-24 photo etch

by Peter Hobbins


Many RAAF modellers have the old but essentially decent Italeri Dornier Do 24 kit in their stash. This etch set from UK-based AIMS provides an excellent impetus to blow the dust off the kit and really bring it to life.

The first thing to note is that this is the largest fret of photoetched material I’ve seen. It’s about A5 size, which is approximately 6-8 times larger than the usual Eduard, Extratech or PART sets. And there’s very little wastage, which means that AIMS delivers a lot of content for your money (currently £10, plus £3.50 airmail to Australia). So what exactly do you get?

The set

This set provides almost all cabin details, including interior bulkheads and ribs, sidewalls, crew bunks, access doors/hatches and miscellaneous other small details, including the sling seats for the turret gunners. What is left out are the seats, instrument panel and radios – for the latter, an Aires resin set is suggested, while the kit items are considered adequate for the former. The quality of the etching is excellent and the material seems to be quite workable, with fold lines pre-scored to ease assembly. The instructions are comprehensive and generally clear, although a little confusing in places – the AIMS website contains a photo of the set in place which is a very useful additional reference ( A few corrections or additions are also noted – for instance, the supplied bunks are 10 mm too wide.

In short, this set is highly recommended. Admittedly, once you convert the engines to Wright Cyclones and add this set you’ll be up for considerably more than the purchase price of the kit, but it will certainly help you produce a show-stopper, especially if you get the weathering just right. AIMS also offers a slightly cheaper exterior set (72003) which includes some details for the turrets, but mainly comprises the beaching trolley, which to the best of my knowledge was never used for the RAAF’s ex-NEIAF escapee aircraft. And if you want even more detail on this aircraft, check out the astounding Dornier Do 24 site at


John at AIMS says that he is unlikely to on-sell his set to Australian retailers, so you’ll probably be best ordering it direct from him via the website, or email him on – he takes PayPal.

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