RAN S-70B-2 Seahawk

by David Harvey


A number of years ago Italeri released a 1/48SH-60B Seahawk. The biggest problem for those interested in modeling a RAN version of the aircraft is that the SH-60B is different from the version that Australia has in a number of diffferent areas. To rectify these differences at least two different conversion/upgrade kits have been released, one by Rons Resin and the other by Hawkeye Models Australia.

Whilst doing some preparation and getting references for this article I was given a set of plans for the Seahawk by Brian Kerr. When compared to the plans the kit is very wrong in length and profile (this is of course reliant on the plans being accurate). Using the plans I found that if you placed the tail on the plans in the correct position the fueslage was about 7 mm to short. If you place the nose in the correct position the plans show that the whole aircraft is out of whack. The tail is about the right length but the fueslage behind the cargo door is short and the fueslage in front of the door is also short. This threw my plan to compare the conversion parts against the plans to make sure that they were the right length. So now it is a case of using panels lines on the kit compared to panel lines on the plans to ensure that the manufacturers have made the part the correct size for the kit rather than the plans.

But i'm of the group that thinks that as long as the kit looks correct then that is good enough so the plans are not essential. Unfortunately for the purists the kit is not easily corrected for length or profile.

The Rons Resin conversion

This kit is a simple and cheap conversion that comprises:

  • Undernose radar/sonar dome,
  • Sonar bouy dispenser and O2 bottle cover,
  • Starboard small pylon,
  • Starboard long pylon,
  • port and starboard side light and antenna,
  • nose light housing,
  • IR housing and mount,
  • ADF antenna, and
  • Plastic card to manufacture antenna.

The instruction sheet comprises two single sided photocopies with basic instructions on thelocations of pieces and some of the modifications that are required to convert the SH-60B to the RAN version.


Hawkeye Models Australia RAN S-70B-2 Seahawk upgrade kit


The HMA upgrade kit is a much larger and more extensive set that consists of:

  • Radome and somar bouy dispenser
  • Weapons pylon stabilizer arms
  • Starboard side cargo door
  • Tie down rings
  • O2 bottle cover
  • Main strut/sponson knuckle joint
  • Starboard side cockpit door
  • Nose ring
  • Starboard side pylon
  • Rast probe
  • Port side cockpit door
  • .035 plastic rod
  • port side pylon
  • Rear cable antenna supports
  • Starboard side sponson
  • .020 plastic rod
  • starboard side light and antenna
  • Exhaust fans
  • Port side sponson
  • Plastic card
  • Port side light and antenna
  • Intake fans
  • Sponson nav lights
  • Copper wire
  • Port side main strut
  • Emergency location beacon
  • Main head light lenses
  • 1 x photoetch for intake covers
  • Main wheels
  • ADF antenna
  • Tail position light
  • 1 x set standard acft markings
  • Rear wheels
  • Tail plane
  • Door handles
  • 1 x set tiger tail decals
  • Nose light housing
  • A drop tank
  • Tail nav light
  • 1 x set of stencil decals


Example of intructions
Example of intructions

The instruction sheet supplied by HMA is an extensive 11 page document comprising of parts breakdown, detailed instruction for doing the conversion (with scale drawings and photographs), colour drawings for decals placement and a few detailed images for you to compare the kit to.


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