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High Planes Models 1/48 Hawker Typhoon/Tempest Weighted Wheels

by David J Harvey


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First Look




$6.25 (Available from High Planes Models online)

Contents and Media:

2 cast resin wheels.


Straight swap for kit parts.


None foreseen.





The Hawker Typhoon was initially developed as a fighter but soon acquired its well known ground attack role. The Hawker Tempest was a further development of the successful Typhoon design.


In 1/48 scale, available kits include the Hasegawa Typhoon, Revell/Monogram Typhoon, AMT Tempest and Eduard Tempest. This set of weighted resin wheels is designed as a direct replacement for the kit parts.

The Kit

In a clean zip lock bag comes packaged two neatly cast cream coloured resin wheels. The casting is crisp and the detail sharp. The weighted appearance is subtle but nicely done.



Beautifully cast with good detail, these weighted wheels are a great alternative to the kit supplied parts and are sure to improve the look of the standard model. Recommended.

Review sample courtesy High Planes Models.

Available from High Planes Models online.