1/48 Mirage Engine for the ESCI kit

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
$8 from HPM
Contents and Media:
1 x resin engine for the Esci Mirage kit
Simple drop fit conversion
Not 100% accurate
Highly Recommended



The Esci Mirage in 1/48 is a cheap model that cries out for a bit of detailing. When Steve Mandich of High Planes Models was in the process of making one of the kits he decided that he wanted a simple engine to fill the 'see through' look of the kit's engine bay. He went about making such an item for his own use but realised that others may want the same item for their own kit. To that end he made the engine simple and at a reasonable price. He will happily admit that it isn't 100% accurate but it does the job for him and no doubt it will fill the void for other modellers.

The conversion

As stated above, the resin set is a simple one peice component that drops straight into the tail pipe area of the Esci Mirage kit. The resin has the feathers and actuators at the nozzle and gives enough detail on the interior to pass the grade. It looks quite convincing with the corrugated iron look on the inside of the pipe and the base of the engine. I asked Steve why he did not make it a two peice mold and the answer was a cse of being a simple cast job rather than the mess and effort of a two peice mold that would drive up the cost.

Due to it being a drop fit item and only one part there are no instructions required.

The images below don't show the interior detail that well but it has been very nicely cast and with a bit of care in painting will turn out quite well. There are a few casting faults in the review sample but nothing drastic, mainly just the odd bubble under the surface of the resin.



I highly recommend this set as it is simple, cheap and takes no cutting or extra work to make it fit. A point to note, whilst the set is by Steve and available from him, it isn't a High Planes Models set. So contact him for availability of the item.

Review item courtesy of Steve Mandich of High Planes Models.

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