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High Planes Models 1/48 Martin Baker Mk 10L/SJU-5 Ejector Seats

by David J Harvey


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First Look




$9.82 (Available from High Planes Models online)

Contents and Media:

2 cast resin ejector seats.


Straight replacement of kit seats. Nicely detailed.


None noted


Highly Recommended



The Martin Baker Mk 10L family of ejection seats are a light weight development of the successful Mk 10 seat. The seat is widely used around the world and fitted to the F-18 as the SJU-5. Aircraft that use the Mk 10L include the Bae Hawk, Embraer/Shorts Tucano, AMD Mirage, Aermacchi MB-339, Chengdu F-7, Saab JAS39 etc. This type is fitted to RAAF Hawks and Hornets.

The Kit

Supplied in the mandatory zip lock bag are two cream coloured resin ejection seats. The seats are well moulded and show a good level of detail. Some careful painting is all that will be required to make these seats an excellent addition to your 1/48 cockpit. A painting guide and pictures of a MK 10 seat are included.



A very nice set of ejection seats that will enhance any of a number of 1/48 scale aircrafts cockpits. Highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy High Planes Models.