1/32 MK6 (OM6) resin seat for the Mirage III

Review by Paul "Changa" Mason


The recent re-release of REVELL’s 1/32 Mirage III was a welcome site for lovers of the French delta. Unfortunately due to the age of the kit the detail of the cockpit & seat is minimal to say the least.

High Planes Models have tried to rectify the failings of the seat in the kit with a release of a resin MK6 ejection seat for the Mirage. The proper name for the Australian Mirage seat is OM6, these being part of the Mirage upgrade program done in the early 80’s, and are actually just the original OM4 seats modified to OM6 standard.

The seat comes nicely packaged in a white box with appropriate colour photos on the front. Contained inside are the resin seat and an A4 sheet with colour reference pictures and a seat drawing from a maintenance publication. The seat is moulded in a cream coloured resin; the moulding on my sample was smooth with no pinholes or flash. The manual separation handle is moulded as a separate part, this time there was flashing evident on the sample supplied, but this was easily removed.

The harness is included as part of the seat moulding and is, according to my maintenance publication, fairly accurate. The side of the seat pan lacks the prominent ribbing of the real seat, although once installed in the cockpit tub this area cannot be seen. Some other features that are missing are the oxygen bottle and part of the drogue gun from the left side of the rail the actuating rod for the barostat on the right side and the flaps for the drogue container (top of seat). Of note here is that the drogue withdrawal line (on top of the seat) is moulded going to the right side, it should go to the left.

Most of these little faults are easily rectified, the oxy bottle being the only one that required a bit of time. High Planes suggest the use of electrical wire for the ejection handles (top and bottom), any appropriate medium could be used here, I used lock wire bent to shape.

Overall the seat is not too bad, there are a few little inaccuracies but these are easily rectified. Compared to the kit seat the High Planes offering is a major improvement. Now all I need is someone to do an accurate OM4 seat for my early Mirages.

Many thanks to High Planes Models for the review sample

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