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High Planes Models 1/72 Lockheed SR-1/RQ-201 Ejector Seat

by David J Harvey


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First Look




$3.14 (Available from High Planes Models online)

Contents and Media:

1 x cast resin ejector seats


A nicely cast rendition of a rare type


None really although may need some fettling into place.


Highly Recommended



Lockheed SR-1 Ejector seats were fitted to the SR-71 Blackbird. They were also used on the first four flights of NASAs space shuttle. The RQ-201 is a development of the SR-1 design and is used in the U-2R and TR-1 reconnaissance aircraft. The main difference being the location and type of the firing handles.

The Kit

The clear zip bag contains one cream coloured resin ejector seat which is well moulded with good detail. A painting guide is also included. On comparison with an Academy SR-71 kit the resin seat is a tad taller than the kit part and may need some fettling into position. This small amount of work would be well worth the effort as the detail of the resin seat outshines the slab of plastic that is the kit seat.



A nicely cast rendition of a rare type of ejection seat. A great improvement over any kit seat. Although you will need more than one for that 1/72 Colombia Space Shuttle. Highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of, and available from, High Planes Models online.