1/48 EE Canberra Bomb Bay for CA kit

First look by David Harvey

1/48 scale
Catalogue Number and Details:
EE Canberra Bomb Bay for CA kit
$25 AUD (OOP?)
Review Type:
First Look
Contents and Media:
Three A4 sized single page instruction sheet and heaps of resin
Enables the modeller to open the bomb bay up
Numerous small bubbles in the resin, needs a large amount of clean up
Recommended for experienced modellers


With the release of the Classic Airframes 1/48 Canberra Bomber there was seen to be a need to open up the bomb bay and give it some detail. This is were Hamilton Hobbies stepped forward and filled the void, as it were. Hamilton Hobbies is the brain child of our very own Ryan Hamilton who is a magnificent modeller and scratchbuilder. It seems that Ryan was called upon so many times to cast copies of his work that he made a small thriving business out of it.

The conversion

The conversion comes in a zip lock bag containing all the parts required to install a bomb bay on the Canberra. The parts are as follows:

  • Bomb bay roof
  • Bomb bay side walls x 2
  • Bomb bay front and back walls
  • Bomb bay doors x 2
  • Bomb bay door actuators
  • Plastic and wire for bomb bay plumbing
  • Iron bombs x 4 (either US or Uk types upon ordering)
  • Main hub wheels for Australian Canberra's.

From the outset I must say that this is a set for those experienced in using resin! The main reason I say that is the proliferation of air bubbles in a number of the parts in this conversion. On this set they appear mainly on the bomb bay doors and the walls. The outside of the bomb bay doors is the most obvious and problematic area for the bubbles but with effort they should fill up with care and the right type of filler. The walls are a separate matter, they are not really visible so they could either be filled, left as is or replaced with plastic card.

The rest of the parts have minimal bubbles and in the case of the bombs the casting is very nice. You also receive a fair amount of copper wire and various sizes of plastic tubing to wire up the bomb bay.

Bomb bay roof
Bomb bay doors and side walls
Close up of small resin bubbles
US Bombs
UK bombs
Bomb bay front and rear walls
Bomb bay door actuators and wheel hubs

The instructions are three single sided sheets that give basic information on the use of the set and the odd point to note on it. You also receive a wiring layout for the bomb bay and two reference shots of the real thing, I would definitely recommend that the modeller has good references to enable the best use of this set.


Whilst the points above may sound very bad in some ways the majority of the set is well done and is usable. It will require modelling skill to assemble it into the Classic Airframes kit as well as possible the use of the Red Roo Engines starter fairing set to round the kit out. This is one of Hamilton Hobbies earlier sets so hopefully the future sets improve with the knowledged gleaned from this and the other sets such as the 1/48 RAN Squirrel conversion set.

To that end I recommend this set for experienced modellers.

NOTE - This set is currently out of production but i'm sure that if enough people asked Ryan he might do it again.

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