1/48 Scale DH Vampire Single & Dual Seat Detail Set’s for Classic Airframes kits

Review by Jim Dick

The detail set

The Flightpath detail set for the Classic Airframes 1/48 scale family of DH Vampires are very impressive, with detail sets available for both the single seat and dual seat versions of the Vampire. Both kits contain a 9cm x 14cm photo-etch detail sheet made from silver-nickel, being silver in colour allows for many of the undercarriage parts to be left unpainted. Both kits also contain laser plotted instrument panel films as well as eight pages of A4 size instructions. These instructions are divided into two parts, the first four pages give you a step by step guide on how to incorporate the detail set into your classic airframes kit and include 25 colour photos of relevant areas of a genuine Vampire aircraft to show you the effect you’re aiming for. The last four pages contain some beautifully done engineering style drawings which show the parts and how they are assembled, with different colours used to represent the photo-etch parts and the original classic airframes components.

The detail sets can be broken into four parts with some of the highlights being as follows

  • New instrument panel
  • Canopy frames showing rivet detail
  • New rudder pedals
  • New canopy mirrors


  • Extra tail pipe detail
  • New gun port detail


  • A complete set of wheel bay inserts
  • Brake lines for the undercarriage legs


  • Everything required to show the flaps in the lowered position

Flightpath’s full range of products can be viewed and ordered on their website. http://www.djparkins.clara.net/djpmasterframe.htm

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