1/72 C-130-3/30 Hercules Fuselage extensions for Italeri

Review by Nathan Bradford

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First Look
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Forward and aft fuselage extension plugs for the Italeri Hercules kit.
Easy way to extend the Italeri C-130 fuselage. Cheaper than destroying another kit for parts.
May need modification to make fit 100% around the aft cargo door.
Highly Recommended



The RAAF’s first purchased the C-130 Hercules in 1958 and has been the back bone of the RAAF’s air transport ever since. The RAAF has operated the C-130A, C-130E, C-130H and now the C-130J-30. The latter being the latest and greatest version of the venerable Hercy-bird with updated Allison (Rolls Royce) AE2100D3 turboprop engines with six bladed composite props, all new avionics with glass cockpit, and a 5 metre lengthened fuselage signified by the -30 nomenclature. This extension of the fuselage increased the cargo area by 40% over the non-stretched versions of the C-130. The C-130J and C-130H are currently operated in Australia by 37 SQN at RAAF Richmond on the outer suburbs of Sydney.

Currently there are no available stretched C-130’s available in plastic kit form so for those looking to own a stretched body C-130 it’s either kit bashing/scratch build or by using the Flight path resin fuselage extensions. The flight path set is the subject of this review today. This conversion is suitable for both -3 and -30 variants of the C-130.

The set

Flight path have released an easy extension set made for the Italeri 1/72 Hercules that is moulded in cream coloured injected resin. These are cast on one single casting plug and are easily removed with some carful use of a razor saw and/or a dremel. There were no casting flaws that discernable apart from very small amounts of flash in my examples.  The extensions are cast in left and right halves, for the forward (long) and aft (short) extension. This should allow easy alignment of the plugs prior to assembly and will also allow the modeller to detail the inside of the fuselage prior to closing the halves.

There is no surface detail moulded into the plugs which may be a good or a bad thing depending on your point of view. The extensions on the real thing are relatively featureless (see below for the real thing) so IMHO the lack of detail is no problem. The modeller may choose to add the strengthening rib that travels across the upper and lower sides of the extensions using half round stock.

The aft plugs may need tweaking to fit around the lower part (hinge area) of the cargo door (the area shown below), but this is only a minor annoyance in the scheme of things.


The packaging and instructions

The Flight path extension plugs are packaged in a plastic zip lock bag. My copy came with no packing or shipping damage.

The included instructions are printed on the back of the card insert of the pack.


I can recommend these parts for anyone with some modelling experience. These extensions are a relatively easy way to convert the Italeri kit without buying a second kit to cannibalise. Flight path is to be commended for offering these excellent products for making our modelling lives easier.

Review items kindly supplied by “My Wallet” Inc. They are available from the Flight Path website and good modelling shops.

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