RR72141 1/72 Avon Sabre 100 and 166 Gallon Drop Tanks

by David Edwards


As previewed by our esteemed editor here, Red Roo Models can now provide us with suitable drop tanks for our Avon Sabres.

This is a very good thing indeed, as until now the only option to add correct drop tanks to the Highplanes or Tasman Avon Sabres has been to raid a Heller or Hasegawa kit.  This meant tracking a kit down (no mean feat) and adding more bulk to the spares box.

As luck would have it, I'd recently inherited a part build Tasman/Fujimi Sabre kit, so these tanks were the perfect excuse to finish it. I chose to use the 100 gallon tanks as my other Sabre in the cabinet had the larger ones. 

With a sharp knife and a little care the tanks were easily separated from their casting blocks and cleaned up.

My Sabre needed angled leading edges on the tank pylons, simply done with a knife and sanding stick.  I "eyeballed" this using photos of A94-974 at Parafield, but a little template in the instructions for guidance would've been most appreciated.

Before adding to my Sabre, I sprayed the tanks with Mr Resin Primer, which went on very well.

Attaching the tanks was simple enough, although I think the locating pins are intended for the Academy or Hobbycraft kits as they didn't quite match the Fujimi wings.  A very minor point indeed.

As mentioned in the preview, these tanks capture the shape and look of the real thing very nicely, particularly the fins.

I hope that Red Roo gains a wider clientele for these, as I have seen many photos of the same tanks fitted to Canadair Sabres flown by NATO countries.

Many thanks to AMI and Red Roo for the review samples.