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1/48 Dmold seamless intakes for the Hasegawa F-4E/F/G Phantom

Review by David Harvey

1/48 scale
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AUD $31 from Zed Hobbies
Review Type:
First Look
Contents and Media:
8 pieces of finely cast resin
Very fine panel lines
The instructions are not clear and there is a requirement to trim areas of resin to make them fit


The Hasegawa kit of the F-4 Phantom has been one of the mainstays of larger scale Phantom lovers. One of the problems with the kit that took a fair amount of time and effort to correct or make it look correct is the intakes due to the joints in the plastic parts. This update set goes some way towards correcting that problem.

The conversion

The set comes in a ziplock plastic bag that contains eight nicely cast resin pieces and a small instruction leaflet. This update is not a 'drop in' set as some plastic removal is required on the fuselage of the kit in the intake area, but this should not be a big obsatcle for most modellers. The seamless intakes are as advertised and are relatively smooth from front to rear whilst the splitter plates and fans are also a nice representation of the aircraft parts. The only thing I can say that is wrong with the parts is that some areas require trimming to fit into their correct spot, but once again I can't see that as a drama for most.

The instructions are the one thing that brings down this set. Whilst there is no need for the instruction sheet to say where the part goes it does require to tell you better what needs to be trimmed to make the parts fit. The photos are not the greatest to assist the modeller in the preparation and fitting of the parts. But, once again this should not be a real drama for most modellers as I took a few minutes of looking at the images to work out what they are trying to say, essentially it's just trim to fit.


All of the faults I have found in this set are in reality only minor and won't slow anyone down. To that end, I highly recommend this set for those that wish to fix up the intakes of their 1/48 Hasegawa F-4E/F/G. A small amount of modelling skill is required in the use of this set.

The review sample is courtesy of, and available from, Lawrence of Zed Hobbies. For more information on Dmold products go to the Zed Hobbies site or Dmold Modelworks site.

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