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DM48001 D0-17Z tailplane

Review by David Harvey

1/48 scale
Catalogue Number and Details:
AUD $18.50 from Zed Hobbies
Review Type:
First Look
Contents and Media:
1 x A5 instruction sheet, 1 x resin tail and 1 x resin insert
Very fine panel lines
None to my knowledge


For a history of the Ircraft and build review please go to this LINK where Brett Green of Hyperscale has conducted a partial build of the kit with Finnish markings.

The kit

This is a replacement tail piece for the Classic Airframes Do-17Z that came out last year I beleive. The conversion is not a 'drop fit' as it requires the modeller to carve away a small amount of plastic where the tail fits on. This should not be a problem as anyone tackling a Classic Airframes kit should have modelling skill to able to do this trimming.

The conversion consists of two pieces of pale cream coloured resin, the tail piece and the fairing to blend in the top surface. The manufacturer has done well as the casting plugs are easily removed as the joint is fine and easily cleaned up. There are no visible defects in the casting. I have no knowledge on this aircraft so I can't comment on accuracy.

The instructions are very basic as they just show the modeller where to cut on the tail of the kit. The pictures are clear and unambiguous.

For an explanation of what is apparantly incorrcet with the Classic Airframes kit tail go HERE.



This conversion is recommended to those interested in the Do-17Z. The update is simple and should be easily within the capabilities of someone tackling a Classic Airframes kit.

The review sample is courtesy of, and available from, Lawrence of Zed Hobbies. For more information on Dmold products go to the Zed Hobbies site or Dmold Modelworks site.

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