Q48079 1/48 CMK 'Quick and Easy' TSR.2 FOD covers

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
GBP£4.51 from Hannants in the UK (AUS $7.17 at time of review)
Contents and Media:
4 x resin components
Quick addition to hide poor detail
Highly Recommended



The 1/48 Airfix TSR.2 was released by Airfix with a good amount of hype due to the nature of the aircraft and I succumbed and purchased two of them. During the build I discovered that the detail was not always that good not well fitting with the intake a engines being amongst the poor stuff. Due to me having completed the majority of the kit I did not feel like spending the money and time to rectify the problems with an expensive update set - that is where the CMK Quick and Easy Line comes in. This is the first time I have used these types of products and they don't cost a great deal and seem to be able to enhance a model easily.

The kit

The set only comprises four resin components and a VERY small instruction sheet. The instruction sheet is barely required as it is obvious for the most part where the bits go.

The intake covers are moulded to sit over the intakes and this causes a very minor problem in that they appear to replace the need for the intake cone as the base of the FOD cover is solid. Unfortunately the intake cone (part 1C) is a component of the intake that can't be left out of the build. This is easily rectified by cutting out the flat resin underneath the FOD cover but is a silly problem.

The exhaust covers are a single piece of round resin for each exhaust. As with a lot of CMK stuff I have used over the years these are undersized. Once again this is easily rectified by adding a thin piece of card around the edge or just glueing them in but it is still a silly problem. I think the better way for CMK to have done them is by oversizing the flat part and then leaving the modeller to trim it to size.


I do recommend this set as it quickly hides the poor detail on the Airfix kit but the set is held back by the poor fit and silly problems I believe it has. To that end I only recommend the set.

Review set sourced from Hannants in the UK via my wallet.

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