CMK 4106 1/48 Mosquito exterior update set

by David Harvey


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First Look




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Adds detail to the exterior of the kit


Parts fit poor in some areas





I purchased this set to use in conjunction with the PR16 conversion set, also from CMK. I'm glad to say that I am impressed with the manufacturing of this set for the cost. I find that CMK products are usually cheaper than the competition for the same quality but the fit can be iffy.

Instruction Sheet

The instruction sheet is mostly clear in what it is trying to show but it could use some clarification in one or two spots, I will get to these later. All of the areas on the Tamiya kit that require removal are clearly marked on the instructions and are all along panels lines. This makes the removal of the unwanted parts much easier as they are easily scored along the panel lines as well as inside and then removed. I had no problems in removing the extra plastic.


The set comes in a tightly packed clear pack which resulted in one or two parts being snapped, this was no drama as the parts are easily fixed. The set covers all of the flaps and tail surfaces, rudder, wing mounted radiators with covers, the life raft mounted behind the cockpit, some interior detail for the wheel wells and a new tail wheel. The photo etch contains two radiator grills and some detail for the canopy. The majority of the parts are easily cut off the resin sprue.

The main point that needs clarification in the instructions for this set is the resin parts used to fill the area behind the flaps. They need to be faired in flush with the wing but the instructions don't show this clearly. These parts also require thinning and reshaping to fit into the wing as well as a bit of thinning of the wing in the areas affected. I intend to replace some of these parts with thinner plastic card as the thinning and reshaping of the part to get it to fit is more time consuming than I am prepared to do.

Another point for consideration is the use of the flaps supplied in this set. I have looked at a number of photos of Mosquitos on the ground and rarely do they have the flaps deployed. They seem to mainly appear in aircraft that have crashed on landing or takeoff. But there are photos of the aircraft with them deployed on the ground so they are usable. The flaps and control surfaces match the detail of the kit items and replace them easily. CMK also supply the rudder and tail planes to replace the kit parts. The tail planes are a complete replacement consisting of the moving surfaces as well as the fixed tail plane so there is no cutting required for this task.

The interior detail for the landing gear consists of a front and rear for the wheel bay. They are simply super glued into place over the plain kit bulk heads. This is slightly complicated if you use the PR16 conversion as I am as the front bulkhead is removed when the engine is replaced. But I shall cover this in the build article at a later stage. The wing radiators are well detailed and looked to be easily fitted to the wing. They consist of the radiator with the top cover off as well as a resin top cover for each radiator. The cover is a very fine piece of resin that is well cast with delicate detail. The main problem with this detail is that I have never seen an image of the covers off which shows the interior and it is of minimal value compared to the degree of difficulty of fitting them.

The raft located behind the cockpit is also supplied and consists of three items, the container, life raft and cover. The container is a simple box and the raft gives a reasonable appearance of the real thing. The cover for the raft is another of the thin cast parts in this set. The tail wheel is also supplied and requires a bit of surgery to attach the mounting lug from the original kit wheel. You will need to strengthen this wheel as it can be a bit delicate as is.

A52-600 in service at Moratai (Halmahera Islands) on 4th August 1945 en route to Labuan Islands, Borneo on detachment from 87 PR Squadron, NT to 1st TAF RAAF at Labuan. Photo by Allan L. Davies.

Here's a link to a valuable website regarding RAAF PR.16 Mossies - THE HISTORY OF A52-600


This detail set is quite good value for the money it costs. However, with the use of the flaps on the ground debatable, this can affect the value for the modeller. The parts supplied are well cast and easily removed from the sprue, whilst the parts of the kit are easily removed for replacement. Even without using the flaps this set is worthwhile if you want something different and that extra little bit of detail. The use of this set requires some cutting of the kit but this is not too difficult if you have some experience. On using the set I found that the fitment of parts could, at times, be very difficult and requires time and effort to achieve a good result.