P/N 4237 CMK 1/48 B-57B Canberra Interior Set

Review by David Harvey


Review Type

First Look




GBP £13.11 from Hannants

Contents and Media:

26 x resin parts and 1 x small pre-painted PE sheet


Easy to put in the kit and should be relatively easy to make.


No serious problems


Highly Recommended



With the release by Airfix of numerous samples of 1/48 Canberra's over the last few years the Aftermarket businesses have been busy fixing the failings of the kits. In the case of the B-57 there were a number of accuracy issues with the airframe and various details as well as a poor cockpit. The cockpit may look OK when built as is but it has little resemblance to the real thing. CMK has stepped in to rectify this fault and released this set a while ago.

The kit

The CMK B-57 Cockpit comes in the usual CMK box with the parts in two separate Ziploc bags, one for the larger components and the other for the more fragile bits. Unfortunately the fragile bits are open to being damaged as they are not protected in any way. The instructions manage to give a small amount of protection to the photo etch included as it is tucked in between the folded pages.

The resin is the normal cream coloured tuff used by CMK and it is very nice and my set has no bubbles in it. I am definitely impressed with the detail being incorporated into the sets these days as the Ejection Seat rails are very fine and very well done as are the rest of the parts.

The cockpit tub is the largest piece of resin in the set and has only minimal clean up of the casting block to be done. My one disappointment with the tub was that whilst the instrument panels are provided as PE, the side consoles are cast on in resin and the sidewall detail is also cast in resin. Whilst the circuit breakers and sidewall detail are easily painted I would have liked to have seen more done in pre-painted PE with possibly some resin bits for the raised details as required.

The ejection seats are nicely done as mentioned earlier but there is some minor detail with the foot rests that is not quite right by the reference images I have seen.

The instrument panels are a PE sandwich and appear to be quite accurate compared to reference images. Each panel consists of the clack packing with painted instruments with a blue/gray part to be stick on top that gives the depth to the instruments. The rest of the PE is pre-painted ejection handles and seat belts.

A resin canopy raising post and brace is also included with the set to replace the kit parts.


The instructions

The instructions are a single double sided A4 page that shows parts breakdown and paints required, complete with FS and Humbrol colours. The rest of the sheet is taken up by five easy to understand steps to put the set together and install it in the Airfix B-57 kit.


This seems to be an easily fitted part to correct the poor Airfix kit part - Highly Recommended.

Review sample from Hannants courtesy of my own pocket.