1/48 Rolls Royce Merlin for Tamiya Mosquito

Review by David Harvey

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First Look




$22.50 from NKR

Contents and Media:

5 pieces of pale resin







Once again I have received a CMK resin set for a Mosquito. This set is designed for the Tamiya Mosquito and covers one half of a Rolls Royce Merlin Engine.


As per usual, CMK supply an instruction sheet on yellow paper that covers the construction and painting guide for the engine. There is minimal construction required for this set and the engine mount is about the only ‘real’ construction to be done. The painting guide is not really worth worrying about as it gives only two colours – black and Zinc Chromate primer. I have seen photos of a real RR Merlin and there is more than the one colour on the engine. So once again it is off to the references to find the correct colours for this set.


There are only five different parts to this simple update. It consists of an engine half, 3 x engine mount pieces and the engine cowling. The detail on the engine is astounding, it includes leads, filters and heaps of other detail to be painted. I am in fact wondering how CMK managed

to get the detail into the bottom of the engine area as the lower cowling covers easy moulding access. This lower cowling also will make it hard to paint the detail behind it. I have had problems with the fit of some CMK items in the past in that they are slightly too large or small. As I have yet to make it part of a model as yet, I can’t comment on whether it is the correct size for the Tamiya kit.


This is another good looking set from CMK with large amounts of fine detail for a reasonable price. From the photos I have seen of the real thing it is reasonably accurate, though I am no expert on the RR Merlin. On the size issue I will give a further report on the issue when I have made another Mosquito with the engine exposed.

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