BB No 9 1/48 2000/4000 Lb HC Bombs

Review by David Harvey

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First Look
$14.99 CDN (plus Postage) from belcher Bits
Contents and Media:
8 pieces of cream resin
Well cast and detailed
No diagrams of stencil data in the instructions
Highly Recommended



At the beginning of WWII the RAF used mostly 'General Purpose' bombs that had a small charge to weight ratio. To alleviate this problem they set out to design and build bombs that would not have to penetrate structures but would, inconjunction with incendieries, cause considerable damage to areas. To that end they designed the 2000 lb and 4000 lb 'High Capacity' bombs. For a diagram of the bomb layouts of the Lancaster go HERE.

With Tamiya and Trumpeter releasing 1/48 injection molded kits of the British heavy bombers, not to mention Sangar etc that have kits as well, there was a need to arm the aircraft that was more realistic in size and shape. To that end Belcher Bits in Canada released a series of bombs to suit these aircraft.

The instructions

The instructions consist of a single sheet of A54 paper with the history, assembly, painting guide and references for the bombs. The history of the bombs covers just over half of the sheet with assembly not requiring much space at all due to the relative ease of working out how to put them together. The painting instructions are relatively detailed with descriptions of colour and where all of the stencilling etc go but I feel that there is a requirement for an image of the bomb stencils to allow a better idea of what is required and where, For a better idea of the stencils, go to the the SAM publications Modellers data file on the Lancaster, this has diagrams of larger HC bombs.

The resin

The resin is cream in colour and well cast with few blemishes that I can see. My set was missing a tail peice for the 4000lb HC bomb but this is a relatively simple replacement job. The set includes enough parts to enable you to build a 2000lb HC Mk I and Mk III as well as the slotted tail and parachute pack if desired as a 4000lb HC Mk I and Mk III and the drum type tail. The parts come with a small amount of extra resin to be removed and the design of the items enables this to have a razor saw blade easily cut them excess off.

The assembly of the items is straight forward as there are no requirements for alignment of any type, you simply clean up the bits you are after then stick them together with cyanoacrylate glue. Each item consists of two parts:

  • 2000lb HC Mk I - main body and parachute pack or slotted drum tail,
  • 2000lb HC Mk III - main body with slotted drum tail,
  • 4000lb HC Mk I - main body and drum tail, and
  • 4000lb HC Mk III - main body and drum tail.

The only extra work required on these items would be possibly to hollow out the suspension lugs if posing in an ammuntion dump or waiting to be loaded onto the aircraft.


I would definately reccomend these itmes for those wanting to bomb up their models with something other than the standard load supplied by the manufacture. The cost of them is not very much and they are easily ordered from the Belcher Bits website direct from Canada. The few draw backs mentioned are only slight and easily worked around.

Items courtesy of my wallet from Belcher Bits.

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