BR48279 BarracudaCast 1/48 Grumman Tracker Early Mainwheels

Review by David Harvey


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First Look




USD $7.95 from Barracuda Studios

Contents and Media:

2 x resin main wheels with masks for the hub


It does it's job




Highly Recommended



The Grumman Tracker was introduced in 1952 as an anti submarine aircraftand served initialy with the US Nacy and then went on to serve with many other countries including Australia.

The aircraft was eventually superseded by the Lockheed S-3 VIking but continued to serve in various countries wiht the Argentininan Trackers being still used today off the Brazillian aircraft carrier São Paulo during joint exercises ARAEX and TEMPEREX and with U.S. Navy aircraft carriers during Gringo-Gaucho maneuvers.

These wheels are designed for the Kinetic Grumman Tracker kits which come with late style main wheels as fitted to all Trackers after the retrofit to upgrade the brakes was completed in the 1970s. I have looked at numerous images but have not seen the RAN Trackers using these wheels, though no doubt someone will be able to find an image of them now that I wrote this.

The set

This is a simple set that consists of two resin wheels with a small set of masks for the rins of the wheels. They are well cast and will require very minor clean up. In comparison to the images of the wheels I could fnd of them in use with the US they look the part.


I highly recommend these for an Early Tracker that used this type of wheels.

Review set courtesy of my wallet.