CS-68 1/72 C-130J Hercules Engine & Propeller improvement set for Italeri

Review by Nathan Bradford

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Contents and Media:

Cream coloured resin Engines and Propellers for Italeri C-130J Hercules kit.


Easy correction for the Italeri C-130J kit engines. One for one replacement.


Fit may require tweaking at attachment point on the kit wings.


Highly Recommended



The RAAF’s first purchased the C-130 Hercules in 1958 and has been the back bone of the RAAF’s air transport ever since. The RAAF has operated the C-130A, C-130E, C-130H and now the C-130J-30. The current best shaped C-130 Hercules in 1/72 scale is the Italeri kit. Italeri converted there C-130 kit with the addition of extra sprues to add the required parts to make the J model. These extra parts include the revised engines and six bladed composite propellers to replace the existing four bladed propellers. Although this was a good start, the shape of the nacelles, propellers and prop spinners is off. This problem has been addressed by the Aviation workshop with their C-130J engine correction set.

The set

The Aviation workshop (TAW from now on) engine set was mastered by Jennifer Wright (Desmojen) and is presented in cream coloured resin as is the standard fare in today’s aftermarket. The example I received was well cast with only the very occasional bubble present in the castings. The panel lines on the nacelles are finely engraved and appear to be quite accurate.

The outline and size of the TAW engine nacelles are a vast improvement over the original kit parts as can be seen from the pictures. The original parts were too squat and didn’t accurately reflect the longer, sleeker shape of the J model nacelles. If you want to accurately portray the propeller alignment of the real Hercules (All Herc models) the propellers should all sit in the same plane and should be aligned. This can easily be fixed with a little card, some careful sanding and some super glue.

The kit’s propeller spinner was far too small and looked out of proportion to the nacelles and props. The real spinner should fair into the nacelle at the trailing edge smoothly. This was not the case with the Italeri parts, but TAW’s parts correct this with much more accurate spinners. The propeller blades too, are replaced with resin versions. These more accurately reflect the shape and size of the real thing and are once again a vast improvement over the kit parts.


Packaging and Instructions

As I bought my copy directly from Jennifer before the moulds were passed to the Aviation Workshop, I can not comment on their packing or instructions, however Jen’s instructions were clear with both text and diagrams showing the fitment procedure. My copy was packaged in bubble wrap and came with no packing or shipping damage.


I can recommend these parts for anyone with some modelling experience. My thanks to Jennifer Wright and the Aviation Workshop for putting out this set to make your next Italeri C-130J that more accurate.

Review items kindly supplied by “My Wallet” Inc. They are available from The Aviation Workshop website.


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