AC48021C 1/48 Blackburn Roc or Skua wing fold set

Review by David Harvey

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First Look
£11.00 from A2zee Models
Contents and Media:
7 x gray resin parts
Fixes a problem with the original kit and provides a different look to the finished model
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Highly Recommended



In 2007 Special Hobby brought out the Blackburn Skua with the Roc coming out later the same year. As both kits were limited run the fit was not always good nor was the details such as wing folds included. Alley Cat in the UK is the company that came to the rescue of FAA modellers who were battling with the one big problem with the Skua and Roc, the wing fit. The wings were found not to fit that well when fitting the centre section of the wings. This set goes a long way to fix the problem as well as giving the model something different by having folding wings.

The Instructions

The instruction sheet is a simple one page A4 sheet with colour images of the set and it’s fitting. Not a great deal is required to fit the set that needs images but you get them anyway.

The set comes with the following components:

  • Lower wing centre section (solid casting),
  • Replacement wheel well parts,
  • Wing fold inserts for outer wings, and
  • Lower wing insert panel to fit the bomb hollow on the Roc.

The set

The set comes packed in a solid little box that shouldn't be easily damaged on the trip over from the UK. The components are cast in a gray bubble free resin that has only slight surface blemishes that should be easily sanded off.

The wheel well replacement parts are to replace the kit resin components that would otherwise have to be chopped to replicate the area affected by the wing folding.

The wing centre section is quite nicely cast and replicates the kit item well. The piece of resin supplied to fill the bomb depression for the Roc is slightly large for the fitted area but should be easily trimmed and made to fit it. By the looks of it, this would in fact be the second hardest part of the whole set, so if you have the Skua you will have an easy time.

I think that the hardest part for this set would to get the angle of the folded wing just right so having references would be an advantage in this.



This appears to be a relatively easy set to install and will rectify the largest fitment problem in the kits it is for. It also gives a bit of space saving for you FAA fans out there.

I highly recommend this set for all those that have the Special Hobby 1/48 Skua or Roc kits.

The review sample is courtesy of my wallet from A2zee Models

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