Lincoln Style Tail and Rudder for Lancaster

AC72004C 1/72 Lincoln Style Tail and Rudder for Lancaster/Lincoln

Review by Nathan Bradford

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First Look
£3.75 GBP from A2Zee Models
Contents and Media:
2 grey resin Lincoln Style Tail and Rudders
Direct replacement of kit parts. No cut replacement.
Highly Recommended



The RAAF’s first locally produced heavy bomber was the Avro Lincoln, an evolution of the famous Lancaster. The Lincoln was chosen for Australia because of it’s, higher altitude capabilities along with heavier payload and longer range. These magnificent Aircraft were produced by Government Aircraft Factory (GAF) at Fishermans Bend Victoria and were dubbed the Mk.30. These were followed later by the Mk.31 Maritime reconnaissance version of the Lincoln, and Australian unique version of the Lincoln. GAF Lincolns Mk.30 were flown by 1, 2 and 6 Squadron RAAF and saw action in the Malayan Emergency between 1950-1958. 10 Squadron RAAF exclusively operated the mk.31 Lincoln from RAAF Townsville. The GAF Lincoln was slowly replaced in the RAAF by the GAF Canberra by 1961.

Alley Cat has released these resin tails for the Lincoln and post war Lancasters and is a welcome addition to their ever expanding range.

The set

The Alley cat tails are cast in light grey resin and are beautifully cast. There are no flaws that I can see at all, and are totally bubble free. These are a direct replacement for the kit fins on the Revell Lancaster kit but I believe that they should be an easy addition for any 1/72 scale Lancaster kit. If you are intending on building a Lincoln in 1/72, these are a fantastically easy way to correct the fins. Especially if you intend on building a Lincoln from the Flight Path conversion as this does not come with the corrected Rudders. The BBMF Lancaster also uses the Lincoln style rudders, so building of this A/C can be made that much more accurate with the addition of these fins.


Packaging and Instructions

The Ally Cat Lincoln Fins come packed in a plastic box and a plastic zip lock bag. The two fins are cast onto a single casting block which minimises the chance of the fins being damaged during transport. My copy came with no packing or shipping damage at all.

The included instructions are printed on an A4 sheet as written instructions.


I whole heartedly recommend these parts for anyone building a Lincoln or post war Lancaster. With such an easy fix, and such a reasonable price, why wouldn’t you get a set for your next build? Especially with the forthcoming Lincoln Decal release from Aussie decals, this is the perfect compliment for that Paragon or Flight path Lincoln conversion.

We are very luck to have such a healthy cottage industry that these kinds of kits are so readily available. Thanks Alley Cat.

Review items kindly supplied by “My Wallet” Inc. They are available from the A2ZEE website.


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