Treemendus ground cover and leaves

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
$10.00 AUD per pack from Boomerang Models
Contents and Media:
One ziploc bag of leaves or other stuff
Looks very nice
possibly not good for smaller scales
Highly Recommended



Not being in to diorama's I have little knowledge of what is available out there these days. After I was sent these samples from Boomerang Models I did a bit of study and had a look at the Treemendus Models website where they had some very nice examples of what can be achieved from their product.

The product

The products supplied for review from the very extensive Treemendus Models range are:

  • Ivy Leaves,
  • Natural Leaves,
  • Autumn Leaves, and
  • Ground cover/debris.
What you receive for your $10 is a ziploc bag of product that should be able to cover a great area when creating a diorama. The dried leaves all appear to be the same basic product but dyed different colours to represent the various seasonal colours. The images below shows the various colours supplied as well as the ground cover/debris that appears to be various types of diorama products mixed together with some twigs and roots of small plants. The figure in the middle of the image is the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire F22/24 pilot for an indication of scale.


Treemendus has a huge variety of different colours and products that should enable the diorama maker to produce a very nice diorama base for a model. The only real downside I can see to these products is the size of the individual leaves as I think that the ones provided are more suitable for 1/35 and larger diorama's.



These look very effective when used properly and as such I highly recommend them. I would also highly recommend having a look at the Treemendus website to see what is available in their range and how you can use them to best advantage.

Review samples courtesy of and available from Boomerang Models.

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