Saw set #1 with scalpel handle

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
$34.95 from Bunnings
Contents and Media:
1 x scalpel handle and four blades
A variety of blade lengths and shapes
Blades easily bent, especialy the longer ones
Not recommended



I have been after a razor saw to cut the resin in update sets and the like without having to resort to my Dremel due to the amount of resin dust produced. I was informed of the Tool Box range being available in Bunnings so I had a look at the range available. The range covers a variety of different tools and uses. For a more comprehensive list go to the Tool Box website.

The saw set

I had high hopes for this saw set due to the length of the blades. As the blades are etched metal I was a touch dubious of the strength of them but I thought I would try them anyway. The set comes with a normal scalpel handle and an ethed fret with four blades attached. Once they are removed from the fret the yare easily fixed to the handle in preparation for cutting. I tried the blades out on a piece of 4mm plastic sprue and found that the longer blades were very easily bent whilst the shorter blades weere still able to be accidentally bent but not so easily. Sets of replacement blades are available without the scalpel handle.

The blades did cut the plastic but not as good as the JLC Razor saw reviewed previously on AMI.



I can't realy recommend this set as the blades are not very efficient and I found them easily bent. For the price of this set I would look elsewhere for a saw.

Review set courtesy of my wallet.

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