Set of 10 'economic' riffler files

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
$21.80 from Bunnings
Contents and Media:
10 x riffler files of various shapes and angles
Can be used in various hard to get areas
Some of the files can have poor manufacturing on the tips
Highly Recommended



Whilst I was looking at the Tool Box Saw blades I noticed this set of files due to their weird shapes and angles. As I was in need of various bits if equipment I purchased a set from Bunnings for a look.


The files

This set comes in a plastic holder that contains 10 files of various shapes and angles. The files include round, triangular, square, flat and a few other shapes that should be quite useful to get into various spots on a model. As a trial I filed the panel lines on the 1/48 Airfix Canberra using a triangular file and it worked a treat.

Whilst selecting a set to buy I noticed the original pack I selected had a few manufacturing faults with the tips of the files. When looking at the sets I suggest that you check a variety of them and select the ones without the tips being slightly bent as this could damage you model. The files are double ended so you get two of each shape and angle of each.



I highly recommend these files as they can fill a spot in the tool box of a modeller and will enable you to get into some of those odd places that previously were either left alone or a number of frustrating hours were spent sanding.

Review sample courtesy of my wallet.

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