Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint

Review by David Harvey

Review Type
First Look
$14.95 AUD from Boomerang Models
Contents and Media:
1 x Razor saw with fine and regular saw blades
Able to be painted and tinted
Some odd colours
Highly Recommended



Not being much of a diorama person I haven't realy looked into what is available in the market for it. Last I knew was you had 'flock' that could be glued to the base or 'grass' matting to do the same. Not long ago Jesse Owens from Boomerang models offered to send me the texture paint for review, having never even known of it's existance I really couldn't say no.

The products

Sent in for review were the following colours and textures:

  1. Grass effect - Khaki(withered grass);
  2. Grass effect - Green(grass);
  3. Soil effect - Dark Earth;
  4. Soil effect Brown;
  5. Grit effect - Light Sand;
  6. Pavement effect - Dark Gray(recreating asphalt); and
  7. Pavement effect - Light Gray(recreating concrete).


The various types of paint come with a variety of tectures; the grass effect has 5mm fibres in it that can give the look of grass, the Soil Effect has a very rough gritty apprearance due to ceramic particles whilst the pavement effect has a very fine ceramic particle that can give the required appearance.

From a bit of searching on the internet it seems that these Texture paints can be tinted with small amounts of Tamiya acrylics or painted with the Tamiya paints to achieve the desired colours for the diorama base. They can also be thinned down to form a bit of a slurry but need to be painted on with an old brush or a trowel of some sort used as they will damage the brushes.

I used a screw driver to put them on the test base and this achieved a realistic appearance for the earth effects and the khaki grass effect. I would suggest some other form of application for the green grass and pavement colours to achieve a more realistic look. I have no doubt that a bit of practice will bring out the best in these finishes. Each bottle can cover a B4 sized base at least once, or in the cse of the Light Sand Grit effrect and the two pavement colours it can cover it twice.

The colours of them leave a bit to be desired but since they can be tinted or painted that is not a serious problem. The paint also does not dry to fast so they leave plenty of time to form the surface to the desired look.

For more information on how to use and aply the different texture paints go to the Tamiya Website.



I was a bit dubious about the stuff initialy but on trying it out it doesn't seem to bad. It will need a bit of practice to get the good effects but from just my quick test it looks ok apart from one or two of the colours. To that end I highly recommend the Tamiya Texture paints for thos doing diorama's and hopefully we shall see some images of your work on the forums.

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