TC-30T Dual Diaphragm Air Compressor with Air Tank, Regulator and Moisture Trap

Review by Pappy

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  • Powerful 1/6 HP motor.
  • Dual diaphragm for smooth and quiet operation.
  • 3.5 litre air tank.
  • Automatic on/off shutoff switch
  • Overheat protection
  • True pressure regulator, pressure gauge and moisture trap.
It does it's job
Highly Recommended



I have been using a Runway 13 air compressor during the last 3 months. The model in question is the TC-30T dual diaphragm air compressor. The compressor motor is rated at 1/6hp, which I found more than  adequate to supply the air pressures that I typically spray at (10-30psi) and maintaining these under load, though I found I could wind the regulator up to 45psi (under load). I have used the compressor to run an Badger and Paache VL dual action airbrushes. The compressor incudes several different brass adapters for the air regulator, which was handy as the Badger and Paache use different sized air hose fittings.

In this period of fairly regular use (on average 6-8 hours per week), I have found the TC-30T to be both reliable and easy to use. I was consistently able to spray paint mixes that I had pre-thinned using the same indicated pressure settings, which gave me confidence to rely on the gauge reading.

As I have already mentioned, the regulator gauge gives a good indication of the air pressure that has been set and includes an integral moisture trap. Despite the typical sub-tropical humidity of Brisbane, I have yet to see any moisture get past the moisture trap. The relatively small size of the unit means that the compressor can be readily packed away if not required, something that would be important to those that do not have dedicated hobby area.

Similarly, the modest size means that the TC-30T is relatively quiet. The 3.5litre storage tank means that the motor need not run continuously, which reduces both the associated noise and the wear and tear on the motor, hence extending the life of the unit.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the TC-30T to any modeller that will be using an airbrush frequently.

Review compressor courtesy of Runway 13.

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