Little Lenses

Review by David Harvey

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$3.50 AUD from Red Roo
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6 x lenses per pack
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Highly Recommended



One of the problems I have found over the years is finding a decent lens for the replication of lights and the like for my models. I have seen in the overseas magazines and Forums a variety of different options to fill the need but due to cost I have never bothered to get them. Now Red Roo has started to stock the lenses at a reasonable price.

Not much I can really say about these as they are just acrylic lenses of various sizes and colours (Clear, Red, Dark Yellow/Amber, Dark Green, Orange, Light Green & Blue and nine sizes from 1mm to 5mm in 0.5mm increments). The lenses have a mirror backing and are also ready to put on the model as they have double sided tape on the back. They also accept paint and ink so you can draw various reflector shapes on them according to your requirements. Currently Red Roo only stock the clear lenses, but i'm sure the other colours will come in once a demand arises for them.

The lenses stocked by Red Roo come in the following sizes - 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.5mm.


I highly recommend these for modellers of any type as they are suitable for more than just aircraft, in fact I know one modeller that purchased some of them on the weekend for his 1/72 Russian Armoured rail cars.

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