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Passt is an acrylic clear coating for sealing, polishing and glossing of resins, plastics, wood, polymer clays etc.

Most modelers have heard of the American Floor Polish, “Future” and it’s varied applications on the modeling bench. PASST is an Australian version of Future, with all the same characteristics and abilities.

The PASST Story …  As a modeler, I was always reading and hearing of how terrific Future was for a modeler.  However, being difficult to obtain in Aus, I used several other brands of acrylic floor polish.  These brands were OK, but still I couldn’t achieve the results I desired.  We decided we had to source a product which would accomplish the task.  I trialed and tested several readily available industrial type floor polishes, to no avail.  Again they were all good but not what I was looking for.  Then, we found a supplier willing to work with us, continuing to provide samples until finally we found it. 

And the name? .. of coarse we hadn’t thought of a name when we first started investigating an equivalent to Future,  we jokingly started calling it past (being the opposite of Future).  The name stuck; we played with the spelling to give it some meaning and so, we would like to introduce you to PASST.

PASST achieves wonderful clarity on clear parts, seals decals without trace, and gives a high gloss finish where desired.

PASST is not just for modelers.  Sculptors and painters can use PASST for a multitude of applications.

Some uses include:

  • Can be brush, spray, sponge or dip applied
  • Dip clear pieces for optical clarity.
  • Seals Decals and Paints
  • Apply to polymer clays for high shine finishes
  • Mix with acrylic paints for thinning and washes
  • Works well as a carrier for Pearlex or other powdered pigments
  • No thinning required
  • No noticeable odour or frangrance

APPLYING & SEALING DECALS – We have found that using PASST to apply and seal decals gives the illusion the decal is part of the paintwork.  PASST appears to assist in hiding the outlines of the decal.  The layering of several coats, creates a level surface.  Apply a matte coating to dull the appearance if desired.

CLARITY OF CLEAR PARTS – PASST creates a wonderful gloss coating on clear model parts (canopies, car windows etc), giving the appearance of a clearer, hiding minor scratches.  Dipping results in a better finish, but you can also brush or spray apply.  Place the wet piece on a piece of tissue or paper towel.  The tissue will absorb any excess. While wet, PASST will attract dust, so cover your piece until dry.

SEALING PAINTS – We tested PASST as both a sealer over paint and mixing paints with PASST and found on both occasions the paint obtained a much stronger adhesion to the surface.  Brushed, dipped, or sprayed applied, the painted surface is almost scratch / damage resistant.  The same applies when mixing with paint before application.  We scratched the surface with a fingernail and couldn’t remove the paint.  We tested with acrylic paints (Jo Sonya, Tamiya) as well as oils (????).

AS A CARRIER – Powdered pigments, such as Pearlex can be mixed with PASST to create a liquid colour. Pearlex powders add a wonderful pearlescent appearance and can be applied as a solid (using several coats) or as a translucent effect (on thin coat) so that the under layer of colour is slightly visible.

AS A SEALER & GLOSS COAT – PASST is a great sealer for wood, porous clays, epoxy clays etc.  Specially handy if you are wanting to make a mould from your piece.  Sealing with PASST will prevent absorption of the silicone into porous surfaces.  Paint or dip polymer clay in PASST (may require several coats) for an attractive high gloss finish and protective coating.

We are continually trialing and testing PASST for new uses and although not yet proven, PASST appears to be successful in as many applications as Future and comparable products.  PASST is sure to be one of those “can’t be without” products for your workbench.

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