JLC Razor Saw

Review by David Harvey


Review Type
First Look
$14.95 AUD from Red Roo
Contents and Media:
1 x Razor saw with fine and regular saw blades
It does it's job
Limited cutting depth
Highly Recommended

The saw

With the rise in the use of resin in kits it becomes necessary to cut the casting plugs and the like away as well as modifying kits for a more realistic look. There are a variety of saws out there that have a multitude of uses, this saw is but one of the types available. This is a simple piece of kit as can be seen from the picture. It comes with two separate blades which screw onto the handpiece by small screws.

The saw has only limited depth to cut due to the design of the blade. But this is to be expected and there are other types of saws for deeper cuts. This saw gives good control for cutting and is highly recommended.

This saw is available from Red Roo Models for $14.95.

Review sample courtesy of Gary byk of Red Roo Models.


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