1/1 SPITFIRE Mk Vc Tropical

The oxygen bottle assy

Images by Ross Ezbery


Ross has sent in a few images of the 1/1 scale Mk Vc Spitfire that is being built in Toowoomba, Queensland, as well as asking for a bit of help.

Here is an extract from a post on the Bulletin board earlier this year:

Our museum is after a few guys to help build a full scale reproduction MkVc Trop Spitfire from scratch. We are using almost three thousand original factory drawings plus have the use of a 3d computer program to make an all new fuselage, wings, tail and various other parts. We are using traditional skills to manufacture her and training is provided on the job. This training includes:

  • reading drawings,
  • parts ID,
  • marking out,
  • metal forming,
  • machining with miller and lathe,
  • sandblasting,
  • woodwork,
  • pattern making, and
  • at a later stage fabric work.

We are out at the old Oakey Army Aviation museum site and work on a Sunday due to work and the such. I get there about 9 or 10 in the morning (a guy has to sleep in at least once in a week) and we go through till about 4ish. Drinks are available but provide your own lunch. We have lots of fun and learn heaps of stuff you could never dream of learning. Plus it gets you in contact with people all over Australia and the world. If you would like to help Ross, email him at ross@myall.net or go to the website.

The images

3D view of the cockpit assy
3D view of the cockpit
The oleo
Head armour
Lower section of the control column
Inside of the main wheel
The oleo
The oleo
Top end of the oleo
the lower end of the oleo
Side view of the oleo
Control box
Control cox
Side view of the control box
The tail wheel retraction ram
Computer generated seat frame
Original parts of a seat frame
Computer generated control quadrant


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