Vultee Vengeance

Vengeance DB-72 Mk 1 EZ999 located at the Camden Museum of Aviation

Images by Dannielle Lang



Vultee Vengeance EZ999 was manufactured by Northrop Aircraft Inc., USA and was the last Mk 1 to be built. It was delivered to 2AD RAAF in June 1943 and was approved as free issue to the RAN in April 1948, but this ordered was cancelled in June 1948. After passing to Department of Aircraft Production for disposal, EZ999 was issued to Sydney Technical College, School of Aircraft Engineering for apprentice training until may 1963. It was acquired by the then proposed Aviation Museum and stored privately until January 1965 then to the Museum and is the only Vultee Vengeance on display in the world.

(Aircraft history courtesy of the Camden Museum of Aviation)