Consolidated Catalina S/N Bu46624

by David Hollingsworth


Extract from the The Aviation Heritage Museum of Western Australia web site on it's Consolidated Catalina:

At the urging of the Australian American Catalina Memorial Foundation, the Museum's Catalina was acquired in 2002 using a WA government grant. According to the description beside the display, "After years of searching, the Australian American Catalina Memorial Foundation located a seriously neglected Catalina in Texas, USA. The "Old Cat" was on the side of a road and was being used to promote a local restaurant ... Two retired US servicemen painstakingly restored the aircraft and packed it in pieces in shipping containers ready for its final ocean crossing from Texas to Perth." The intent was for it to feature in a display commemorating the "Double Sunrise" flights (See below) from the Swan River at Crawley to Sri Lanka during World War II. When attempts to obtain funding for this display failed, in January 2007 it was moved in parts to the Museum and reassembled where it now stands.

According to an account on, the Museum's Catalina "was built to Contract Noa-464 at Consolidated Aircraft's factory in New Orleans, Louisiana and was taken on charge by the United States Navy as Bu46624 on the 23rd November 1944. It was then based at Elizabeth City between November 1944 and January 1945, and at Terminal Island from February 1945 to April 1945. After its Navy service it was placed in storage at Litchfield Park, Arizona on 15th January 1953, being struck off charge in June 1956. At that time it had a total of 1407 hours on the airframe."

Other information points to a mixed record since then, including a period with the Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation, in Chino, California, in 1979, and being displayed at the 94 Aero Squadron Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida in 1981.

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