QMHE 2008


Images by David Harvey


The Queensland Model and Hobby Expo was held over the weekend of 23 - 24 Aug 2008 at the Brisbane Table Tennis Centre. From all reports there was a record number of models entered in the competition and whilst I was there the crowds were in great attendance. The number of numbers of traders and Club displays were good to see and I noticed the odd new Trader there compared to previous years.

Of course there were the regular attendee's for example Clayton Fiander of Hawkeye Models Australia, Frank and Lea Morgan of Model Art magazine to name but a few.

I have included on the next few pages just a small selection of the 400+ models that were at the Expo. The quality of the models were of the standard I have seen all over Australia and comments were made by those that have seen overseas Expo's that they were just as good as any of those entered there.

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