Bushmaster PMV

Showcase Models 1/35 Bushmaster PMV

by Brian Richardson



Fresh off the bench are a couple of Showcase Models 1/35 Bushmasters. This injection plastic kit has been around for over a year now and has featured on a few web sites and ModelArt magazine. I decided to wait and follow other modeller's progress and to gather a few web photos and resin bits to do an Afghan one with all the bells and whistles.

The RAAF Avalon air show 2007 version was first and built out of the box to gain some experience with this kit, while the 6RAR Afghanistan circa 2010 received the resin treatment with Blast Models CROWS RWS (many thanks to John Myszka), and Black Dog Bushmaster accessory set bought from FoldiT Models at this year's NSW Model Expo. The Black Dog set is worth every penny, included are more accurate replacement wheels with even the dimpling moulded into the side wall of the tyres.


Some scratch building did the extended left hand rear corner storage box and extra aerial pots. Masking tape straps and a short length of jewellery chain was added to a scratched D shackle bent to shape from 0.4 mm copper wire.

Both were masked and sprayed with Tamiya acrylics, with Humbrol and oil washes taking care of the weathering. Kit decals were used on both including the flag. The flag decal was settled down onto a piece of kitchen foil to give strength and to help hold it's shape.

The RAAF vehicle gets to sit on a bed of static grass and Afghan has sifted sand and pebbles, both over sprayed again with Tamiya acrylics.

Good mate Neil Lawrence designed and printed the info labels on photographic paper and these were fixed to the timber base with spray on contact cement.

6 Bn RAR Bushmaster PMV, Afghanistan circa 2010


RAAF ADG Bushmaster, Avalon 2007