Vietnam M113A1 APC

Tamiya 1/35 Australian M113A1 Vietnam

by John Myszka



This model is based on the Tamiya M113 which has all the external features of a US Army M113A1 as well. I used the Mouse House early hull top with oval inspection plate around the fuel cap and also included the Australian cargo hatch with filter box.

The kit was assembled as per instructions and added resin parts.  The 50 cal machine gun is a combination of an Academy receiver (from the spares box) with a barrel from the Academy machine gun set.

Photo references of the first ten M113A1 carriers are fairly rare even on the Australian War Memorial website. Very few images of the period actually show any useful images of the markings so the information is based on word descriptions gleaned from several sources.
The vehicle was painted in Humbrol olive drab with a bit of added matt white (for correct scale colour – after all it is a 1/35 scale model not a 1:1 vehicle) and the markings (Kangaroo and map of Australia) were added by using a fine spray airbrush over a photo etch stencil (Austencil 6). A fine coat of “dust” was added which was a combination of about 6 parts thinners to one part of desert sand. I have not added any Army Registration Numbers as I did not have any of the correct size decals at the time.  Hopefully I can provide more images of the fully finished kit soon.

It is interesting to note that the inspection plate remained with these early carriers right through their service from 1965 until they were cut and pasted into the new M113AS4 in the 2000s.

The Images


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