1/35 Revell Mercedes Benz Unimog ARN 46385 with Aussie Armour M118/M119 Howitzer

by Stephen Mortimer


G'day Gents, here is a 1/35 Australian Army Unimog Truck using the Revell 2t UNIMOG truck kit.

First the Chassis was constructed and I made a choice early on to convert to Right Hand Drive as properly as my limited mechanical knowledge let me...

I think the RHD turned out well, and was surprisingly easy just swapping the driver and passengers consoles, and leaving the 'ends' and center console as they were. The seats and gearshifts were simply a case of assembling the parts the wrong way around.

The Australian wheel hubs are a little different to the German ones, having a raised shroud over the main wheel lugs


A little modification was needed for the tray sides to make a two piece tray side.

The rest of the construction was as per the kit. Just remember the exhaust pokes out the drivers side and needs to be extended

The M118/M119 Howitzer

Ok - I had to 'sex' it up and put a gun behind it! The Aussie Armor M118/M119 105mm gun was a straight forward construction. If you can NOT rely on instructions to get you there! As the printed material you get has fairly unclear photos, and basically tells you what parts are required for which stage.


The only problem I really had was the sighting mechanism, and I had to just use my best guess......

A kit NOT for a first time modeler, requiring as it does a fair degree of educated assumption?

Final construction

The parts here are laid out after painting, to give an idea to the gun and trucks final construction

And they look good together !


A few months after finishing this, I slowly realized that the Australian Unimog is a Long Wheel base !

Soooo It was fortunate, in a way, that the first kit I got of EvilBay was missing the Cab !!! (a warning here....check all Ebay purchases !!) and that I had got a second kit to correct this ! The extra bits that were kept made for a neat little conversion !

......and that's it gents, I really enjoyed building my first Truck and Gun. Just a word of warning for this Arms Corps product - Its $60 a meter !!!! So measure twice and cut once !!!