Ruston Bucyrus 22RB

Scratch built 1/35 Ruston Bucyrus 22RB, Vietnam

by John Loughman



In the 1960's the Australian Army purchased 30 units of the Ruston Bucyrus 22RB of which two were sent to Vietnam. Apart from a War memorial photograph, little else seems to be known about them or whether the two units were returned to Australia.

The model

Apart from 4 roadwheels from an old M113 kit, it was built entirely from plastic card and left over Evergreen plastic strip and rod from previous museum projects. Since no plans in any scale were available, I relied on photographs of a Corgi 1/50 scale for dimensions plus a swag of photographs of variations of the 22rb machine downloaded from the web.

The only purchase was some Evergreen " I " beam to form the basis of the suspension for $7. Construction time was around 50 hours including a lot of Googling.

It is a static and non working model, I have left off the three sliding doors on the rear of the model for photography and it only needs a small exhaust pipe on the rear roof to be complete.

The machine is a "little brother" of the huge Bucyrus dragline positioned just outside Maldon which came from the Yallourn open cut coal mine to work in local gold mine dredging operations before being retired and allowed to slowly deteriorate in an open roadside park.