Churchill AVRE SBG (Small Box Girder)

1/35 Churchill AVRE SBG

by Sean Lomas



The Churchill AVRE (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers) was created in answer to the question of ‘How to overcome beach fortifications on D-Day?’ Major General Percy Hobart answered this question with the AVRE modification to Mk IV Churchill Tanks. Armed with a bunker busting Petard 29cm Spigot mortar, in place of a 75mm cannon, that fired a 40lb bomb a distance of 80 yards. It was demonstrated that it could inflict serious damage on the hardest of fortifications. It is also said that the velocity of the mortar was so slow you could see it in flight.

The kit

The variation of the Churchill AVRE that I have decided to build is the SBG version (Small Box Girder). This was designed to provide vehicle access from the beach over the sea wall that ran across parts of the Gold, Juno and Sword landing beaches. The Tank would land, drop the bridge against the wall and then be able to attack the Atlantic wall defences in support of the landing forces. The model would be built in three parts first the tank, then the bridge and finally the rigging.


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