Tamiya 1/35 Land Rover Series II with M40 106mm RCL

by David Edwards and Wayne Frisch


Here are some pics of the 1/35 Land Rover Series II with M40 106mm RCL, completed by Wayne Frish and I as a present for one of Wayne's colleagues.

The kit

The base kit is the venerable Tamiya Land Rover Ambulance, with the wheelbase shortened to the required 88 scale inches.  The body sides came from the Revell/Italeri Series III kit, suitably shortened and resulting in a lot of left over parts!  The 106mm recoilless rifle is from the Academy M113, and the front brush guard and field packs are Aussie Armour resin.

Wayne tackled the initial build, shortening the chassis to give a scale 88 inch wheelbase.  I added the rear body work, the 106mm carriage and the sloped front fenders.  The rover went back to Wayne for an olive drab spray job before I finished it off with the remaining details.  Not being a 1/35 modeller, my local club (Bayonet) came to the rescue with tool stowage for the frond guards.

We had a lot of help from the AMI crowd, with Haydn Neal supplying the APMA scale drawings in 1/76 and many photos from Bandiana.  John Loughman chipped in with further photos of the 106.  There is fortunately good photo coverage of the gun buggy on several websites, and there is also the AWM's immaculate series II for reference.

This model was completed as a present for one of Wayne's colleagues, who crewed the gun buggies with 4/19 Prince of Wales Light Horse.  With no good reference for markings we've left off tac signs and ARN plates.  I've also been slack and not added brake or turn signal lamps as these would be barely visible in the display case.

This is the first "team model" I've done in a while and I really enjoyed it.  I've always had a soft spot for the gun buggies and being able to play in 1/35 was a treat (no, not a permanent change!).  Back to braille scale in the future.

The images


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