Italeri 1/35 HEMTT M978 Fuel Tanker

by Michael Hickey


Serial No


Vehicle type

HEMTT M978 Fuel Tanker

Based at





Desert Scheme


Italeri 1/35th  HEMTT M978 Fuel Tanker





Here is my Italeri 1/35th  HEMTT M978 Fuel Tanker that I recently finished.  It’s from the old boxing from way back in 1997, which has been on and off my bench quite a few times.  Not sure why it took me so long to get finished as I really enjoyed the painting and finishing off of this kit.  I painted her in the desert scheme but wanted something a little bit different so I decided that I would paint the back end of the truck in a camo scheme.  I liked the look of the rear end so much I thought I’d paint the drivers door in the same manner.  I added some gear to the top of the tanker and also the esky, if you look closely enough on the dashboard you’ll see that the driver is a modeler as well.  There’s also a cheeky picture on the drivers door, the poster and model kit I made using my printer.  I like adding little touches like this because I feel it adds to the realism of the model.

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