Tamiya 1/35 Panzer IV Ausf H

by David Harvey



Many years ago I had a fascination with German armour, in particular the PzKpfw IV. To that end in about 1985 I bought a Tamiya Panzer IV, built it up and painted it using my very basic airbrush. Only recently I dredged this and other models out of a packing box and dusted them off. Mostly complete this kit is pretty much 'as is' from when it was packed away in the late 80's.

The vehicle was intended to represent a Panzer IV of the SS Liebstandarte "Adolpf Hitler" Division late in the war. Unfortunately due to my lack of knowledge I put the markings of the 1st SS Panzer Korps on it that as far as I can tell was only worn by Tiger I's. The extra track littered on the front of the vehicle was a late war addition that was intended to increase the armour carried by the vehicle. There are numerous pictures that show AFV's carrying extra track of not only it's type of track but others such as T-34 track to add extra armour thickness.

The paint scheme is the basic German sand base coat with my interpretation of the red/brown camouflage paint that was applied by the crew.